What is functional and integrative medicine?

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What’s the difference between conventional (or allopathic) medicine and functional (or integrative) medicine?

Medical school, pharmacy school, nursing, etc. provide education based on conventional or allopathic medicine. There’s an emphasis on diagnosing and alleviating symptoms by controlling the body’s natural defense system.

Also known as Western Medicine, this is what our medical system is founded upon. There’s hundreds of medications out there to alleviate or “mask” symptoms and there’s not enough dialog about what’s causing the symptoms or how our environment plays a critical role.

On the flip side, functional and integrative medicine has an emphasis on addressing the root causes to symptoms and embracing the body’s natural defense system by providing support and guidance.

Before there’s a diagnosis, labs have to be out of range. But what about the rest of us that know something isn’t right but our labs are “within range?”

Functional medicine labs are not a diagnostic tool. Instead, they identify imbalances within the body and organ systems… before dis-ease happens.

Focus is on rebalancing the body and treating the body as a whole, including the mind, spirit, and our environment.

Why is this important?

Because there’s many forms of medicine out there and the more, the merrier. It means there are more options to optimize health. At the end of the day, what matters is YOU and your health (and the health of your children, spouse, and family). It doesn’t matter how you get there, which approach you use, or how long it takes. The only thing that matters is getting healthy and feeling great.

H E A L T H Y   H A B I T S
We have the ability to heal. Our body was designed to survive and we have complex organ systems in place to help us.

Genetics may contribute to cancer and chronic illness but it’s estimated that their impact is only about 10-15%. The other 85-90% is nutrition and lifestyle. As the research in epigenetics deepens, there’s evidence that suggests our nutrition and lifestyle play a critical role in which genes are turned on and others off. 

Be empowered to take charge of your health. Start with the things that are FREE:

– get some sunshine and natural vitamin D
ground your body in grass, soil, hug a tree
– break a sweat and excrete some heavy metals
– boost your immune system by sleeping 7+ hours
– manage stress and smile more often

Every step counts!

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