Top 5 ways to optimize gut health

Habits to Healthy Blog Post 12

The drainage pathway is crucial to optimal health as the body is detoxifying every moment of each day. Spoiler alert: EVERY organ system is intricately connected to each other, like a nice big spider web.

Gut health impacts every aspect of our body’s overall health. Here’s an overview to keep things open & flowing:

Start with 16 oz of warm water RIGHT upon waking. Consider grabbing it the night before & keep it on the nightstand ready for the morning.

Drink filtered water throughout the day. The yellower the urine, the more dehydrated the body is (unless there’s B vitamins involved).

Plants are rich in fiber, natural prebiotics that feed the good bacteria in the gut. We make a choice when we eat: feed the good bacteria or feed the bad bacteria? When there’s an imbalance between the good & the bad, symptoms occur. Eat a variety of plants daily.

Our body was designed to move. It wasn’t made to sit at a desk or on the couch hours each day. Exercise & movement gets the lymphatic system & blood flow moving and both are needed to digest properly. Opt outside & get some sweat going!

Our gut does not efficiently digest food when we’re on our phone or worried about work. Find a calming environment away from electronics to enjoy each meal. Thoroughly chew each bite, taste the food, smell the aromas, and think happy thoughts. Stress is a common root cause to gut dysfunction and chronic illness.

Studies show metabolism is interconnected with the circadian rhythm. Appetite, insulin sensitivity, and energy expenditure occur in a rhythmic cycle throughout the day. Our body metabolizes a Thanksgiving feast differently if we were to eat it in the morning vs. eating it for dinner.

Ayurveda principles are similar where the day starts with a nourishing breakfast, lunch as the biggest meal, and a light dinner before sunset.

Autophagy aka ‘the cleanup crew’ cleans & resets during a fasted state. Consider giving your gut a rest by eating an early dinner & getting restful sleep.

Does your gut have the foundational support it needs to thrive?

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