Sweat: our body's natural way to detox heavy metals

Habits to Healthy Blog Post 8

Let’s talk about heavy metals because they’re a VERY common occurrence in the environment AND we’re exposed to them daily. 

Just to name a few:

arsenic in foods (rice, beer, pesticides, table salt) & tap water
cadmium in cigarette smoke & car exhaust fumes
mercury in “silver” dental amalgam & certain types of fish
lead in foods (baby food, fruit juice, sweet potato) & tap water
aluminum in antiperspirants, cans & foil

Over time, heavy metals can accumulate in the body and hide deep within tissues. They can disrupt gut health and cause major health issues. Some heavy metal toxicity symptoms may include:

– adrenal dysfunction
– hair loss
– depression
– memory loss or brain fog
– muscle twitches or numbness
– dermatitis or skin rashes/lesions
– dizziness or fatigue
– hyperactivity
– immune system dysfunction
– insomnia
– migraines
– thyroid dysfunction

Lucky for us, our body has a few detox pathways in place to tackle outside toxins like heavy metals.

There’s a study that measured the amount of heavy metals in the blood, urine, and sweat of adults. Many heavy metals appeared to be preferentially excreted through sweat. Results showed higher excretion of aluminum (3.75-fold), cadmium (25-fold), cobalt (7-fold), and lead (17-fold) in sweat vs. urine.

Yup, we were built to sweat. It’s not always pleasant but it sure does have a purpose. Sweating DAILY is preferred but sometimes it can be challenging to squeeze it into our busy schedule.

Sauna is a great way to sweat out toxins. There’s SO MUCH research on sauna use! More to come on an upcoming post!

Sweating is key so opt to go outside for a run or take a hike in nature. Basically, any physical activity. Sweating for 20-30 minutes is ideal but 5-10 mins is still better than nothing. It’s about progress, not perfection.

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