How grounding can rebalance and improve health

Habits to Healthy Blog Post 26

What’s one biohack (aka healthy habit) that you can start today for free?

This refers to direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, like walking barefoot in the sand or hugging a tree.

Our body operates electrically. Every cell in the body has an electron transport chain and it’s the exchange of electrons that generate energy and sustain life. All living things operate electrically and believe it or not, we are all connected to Earth’s electric energy.

Earth’s surface possesses a limitless renewed supply of free or mobile electrons. Studies show that Earth’s negative potential can create a STABLE internal bioelectrical environment for the normal functioning of our body systems.

We sleep on comfy beds and wear shoes with rubber soles. We’re surrounded by concrete and spend most of our time indoors. Our lifestyle has separated us from Earth’s flow of electrons and our bioelectrical environment is IMBALANCED.

It’s assumed that the influx of Earth’s free electrons absorbed into the body through direct contact acts similarly to antioxidants. Electrons can neutralize reactive oxygen species and thereby reduce inflammation.

There are so many studies that show grounding can significantly impact our health. Evidence supports IMPROVEMENTS in:

– sleep
– chronic pain
– stress, cortisol, diurnal rhythm
– circulation
– muscle soreness
– heart rate variability
– glucose regulation
– immune response, wound healing
– primary indicators of osteoporosis

Grounding showed significant effects on electrophysiological properties of the brain, musculature, and blood volume pulse. This means it shifts our body from a stressed sympathetic state TO a relaxed parasympathetic state.

Some of you may not feel it, but most of us are thrown into the sympathetic state due to everything that’s going on (pandemic and all), work stress, family stress, financial stress, watching the news, upcoming elections, crazy drivers… it’s pretty much anything.

H E A L T H Y   H A B I T S
Opt outside. Move your body. Reconnect with nature and ground on Earth’s surface. #breatheyourbiome and rebalance your bioelectrical environment

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