Cumulative toxic load... is yours overflowing?

Habits to Healthy Blog Post 18

Supplements, by definition, is something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

Spoiler alert: You can’t eat a standard American diet or live a toxic lifestyle and expect supplements to keep you healthy. That’s not how they work.

So before adding in supplements or doing ‘all the things’ found on the internet, ask yourself:
– what foundations do I have in place?
– are my drainage pathways open?
– what’s my body’s toxic load?

We live in a world with thousands of toxic chemicals and a majority of them are UNREGULATED. It’s everywhere and our daily exposures are cumulative. Our body was designed to detoxify them out but overtime, it just can’t keep up.

Common analogies used to describe the toxic burden on our body is a rain barrel, a bucket, or my favorite, a bathtub.

The DRAIN represents our drainage pathways. It’s where toxic compounds make an exit.

The FAUCET represents things that enter our body. Food, water, absorption from skin, etc. The cleanliness of the water depends on the quality of things entering. Organic or covered in pesticides? Filtered water or contaminated with chemicals and heavy metals? Plant-derived natural ingredients or products filled with toxic ingredients?

The BATHTUB represents our body. If the faucet is dumping in dirty water, it’ll dirty ALL the water. If the drain is clogged, the dirty water will recirculate with increasing concentrations of contaminants.

Taking it one step further, you can add things to the tub (like adding supplements) to try and clean the dirty water. But how helpful is it if the faucet is continuously pouring in dirty water? Or if the drain is blocked? Things can overflow and get real messy.

H E A L T H Y   H A B I T S
Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s the same with our health. There’s a lot we can do to help support our body and foundations matter.

Strategic steps:

1) Drainage
Focus on gut health. Real, whole foods packed with nutrients. Ditch processed food and feed the good gut bacteria, instead of the bad. Movement and sweat are also important!

2) Reduce toxic exposures
Endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, pesticides, etc. Refer to my last post!

Every step counts!

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