Common triggers that lead to leaky gut, including stress*

Habits to Healthy Blog Post 22

Part 2 on reducing our exposures to immune stimulating triggers.

Quick recap:
Digestion issues. Abdominal bloating. Gut dysbiosis. Intestinal permeability. Leaky gut. Whatever you want to call it… it’s common and it’s often one of the ROOT CAUSES to chronic health conditions.

What are some triggers that lead to leaky gut?

– inflammatory dietary proteins (gluten, dairy, etc)
– food allergies and sensitivities
– NSAIDs (Advil, Motrin, Aleve, etc)
– antibiotics
– acid reducers
– birth control
– steroids
– chemotherapy
– alcohol
– chronic stress (physical, emotional, financial, poor sleep, smoking)
– toxic compounds (chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, PFAS, etc)
– low stomach acid or enzymes
– infections (food poisoning, stomach flu, pathogenic overgrowths, mold, parasites, Lyme, etc)

Which trigger is the one most people forget to address? Chronic stress

There are some things on the list that we may not be able to reduce our exposures to, such as stress… in which case management is key! But for the ones that we can reduce, every little bit counts.

“But I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”
Something that my coworker says to me all the time. YOLO! And I totally get it. The secret is that it’s all about BALANCE, not depriving yourself of things that bring you joy.

H E A L T H Y   H A B I T S
Instead of having a beer every night, maybe save it for the weekend. If you enjoy wine with dinner, maybe try a bottle from a company that sources organic grapes. It’s all about small simple steps.

Stress management is a challenging one. But our gut health depends on it so find a moment of zen during your day!

Do what you can today, and remember that tomorrow is a new day. There’s so many opportunities to make small changes. Cheers to a great week! 

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